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    JAN 14, 2022

Do you ever run out of time to find the perfect gift, you don't want to wait in a long line, the person you're giving a gift to doesn't live near you, or you simply have no idea what to give someone? Then you are in the right place.

In our online store, we have prepared many surprises for all occasions. We strive to make gifts that put a smile on your face, brighten your day, create memories and unforgettable moments, as well as those attentions that ease pain.

Home delivery has never been easier! In addition to a large selection of unique and personal gifts, we also wrap the gift according to your wishes and make sure that it arrives on time at the desired address. How? Simple! You can choose between three types of delivery - personal delivery (we deliver the package ourselves, personally), express mail (the package is delivered by the post office the same day) and GLS (the package is delivered within 24 hours).

Gifts for your loved ones and those in love:

Gifts that are suitable for those who want to show their love. A gift that is eternal, permanent and does not pass away, just like your love does not pass away.

1. BOX OF ROSES "I love you"

2. FRAME I LOVE YOU "When the flowers speak"


Gifts for our mothers:


That's why our mothers deserve only the best. The best gifts are those made from the heart. In our online store, we have prepared quite a few nice gifts for your moms.

1. WREATH FRAME "For the best person"

2. BOX OF ROSES "You mean everything in the world to me"

3. BOX OF ROSES "Something beautiful"

Bouquets of flowers for all occasions:

The day is known by a bouquet of flowers! ;) You really can't go wrong with a bouquet of flowers. We have a huge selection of bouquets and we are sure that there is one you are looking for among them.

You can choose between seasonal bouquets, which are only available in the store seasonally, and those that are permanent.




Gifts for all women:

Make every day a holiday! Attentions with which you can surprise girls and women every day or on our holiday - Women's Day. Every year, we also have gifts or treats prepared for this occasion.

1. BOX OF ROSES "All you need is love"

2. WREATH "I wish you a lot of happiness"

3. FRAME LILA "When flowers speak"

Gifts for men:

Do you ever hold your head and have no idea what to give a man? No worries! In our online store, we have also taken care of boys, men... Let their gifts be unique and special. Our men also deserve to take time for them and find that RIGHT gift - just like they take time for us.

1. FRAME "For the best boy"

2. GIFT IN A BOX "Beer and flowers"

3. FRAME "All the best"

Gifts for round anniversaries:

A birthday has come, but not just any ordinary birthday - a round anniversary. Have you run out of ideas for what to give? Click HERE and take a look at the offer we offer in our online store.

Gifts for pensioners :

We have also prepared wonderful surprises for pensioners, click HERE .

Wedding gifts:

You don't know what to give the newlyweds besides an envelope with money? Don't worry, we also have a wedding gift in our shop.

1. GIFT "Your double"

2. FRAME MR&MRS "When flowers speak"

3. FRAME PAR "Forever"

Sweet gifts:

For those with a sweet tooth like me, we have a great selection of sweet surprises. Click HERE and indulge someone's taste buds and at the same time pamper yourself while looking at the beautiful floral creations. Let someone else say that chocolate and flowers don't go together. ;)

Gifts for our little stars and sunnies:

We also took care of the youngest. The most beautiful moment is when a little miracle comes into the world! And this little treasure, and of course his mother and father, deserve all the attention in the world at that moment. But since we all know that a young family needs time to themselves for the first few weeks, we have prepared wonderful gifts that can be delivered to the home or to the maternity hospital.

1. CHILDREN'S SET "Little miracle"

2. "Welcome Baby" CAKE

3. FRAME BABY "Diaper"

Christmas & New Year gifts:

The year goes by one, two, three and finally that beautiful time comes when nature calms down and we calm down too. It's time to give gifts! The time when it is right to take a little more time for ourselves and our loved ones and choose the RIGHT gift. Every year, we also prepare gifts for you in our online store that make the holiday season more beautiful.

In addition to the bouquets and gifts presented above, which are carefully prepared, you can choose from many other surprises HERE . You can also follow us on our INSTAGRAM profile and follow our creations. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next one we'll make happy. Or you will surprise someone with our help. Let us be surprised! 😉