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    FEB 11, 2022


Valentine's Day is just a few days away! Do you already know what you will give for Valentine's Day? Giving a bouquet of flowers is a romantic surprise that you can't go wrong with. Flowers are a simple but at the same time very thoughtful gift that says more than a thousand words.

You are probably besieged from all sides with ideas and an endless range of possible gifts for your loved ones. It is probably really difficult to choose the right, unique and special gift for your loved one from the many advertisements. If you would like to be unique this year, click HERE and jump to our online store, where we have prepared a huge selection for you.

But you are probably also facing the question; where should i go to buy a bouquet of red roses? To help you a little, we have collected some facts and differences between a flower shop and a supermarket.

For many, the answer to the above question is simple. But some of you are still wavering and can't decide. Anyway, some of you are wondering why the prices are so different. Let me answer you honestly, without pretense. As you know, the rose is the main flower for Valentine's Day. Did you know that the price of a rose depends on the size of the flower and the length of the stem (this also shows the quality of the rose)? But we all know that florists have roses with huge flowers and long stems, the quality of which is known even in their lifespan.

I don't know how many times you've been to a flower shop, but (I'm speaking from experience and facts about our flower shop), our flowers are carefully kept, we constantly change the water and we also advise you how to take care of them when you bring them home and how to extend their lifespan. As florists, we have dedicated our entire careers to offering/selling/growing the best quality flowers and providing the best flower care. In addition, local florists prepare a single rose flower for you, arrange it the way you want and in the amount you set aside for the gift.

In addition to all that, we also offer delivery to local florists. With this, we can save you stress and waiting in a long line, endlessly telling your partner where you are going, and rushing to the flower shop after work. Let's ensure a truly unforgettable surprise.

So in short. The decision of where to go to buy flowers for your loved ones is yours. Each side has advantages and disadvantages. Many times the supermarket seems to be a better decision because the price may be really lower, but they don't offer you an arranged flower of your choice, the quality of the flowers is often worse and the staff there are not trained to advise you on how to care for the flowers you buy.

Let's make this year different and support local florists. You agree? If you haven't called your local Valentine's Day florist yet, now is the time to place your order. Remember, buying from a local florist ensures the success of small businesses in our community, helping to grow local small businesses. Trust in the dedication that your local florists pour into their floral products and make sure that for Valentine's Day the bouquet in the vase is made of quality flowers. Your loved ones deserve the most expensive and beautiful bouquet. Why? Because we are the MOST EXPENSIVE. ;)