Flowers for every day!

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    OCT 26, 2021

We live in a time when all possible goods are available to us. We no longer have to look around for necessary things, not go over the border, not store them - saying "everything will come in handy in 7 years" and "you never know when it will come in handy". Everything can be bought, we don't have to drive far, we can just sit down at the computer and have what we need at home in a few days.

I believe I'm not the only one when I notice that it somehow enriched our lives, but on the other hand, it made our lives poorer. Everything has somehow become self-evident. And if it means something to us, it's only for a very short time. Somehow we don't know how to be satisfied and so we forgot how important it is to make every moment pleasant for ourselves.

It saddens me when more and more young people say they don't like plants, flowers, these unnecessary patterns!!! Where did we go? The expression of all this is shown at every step. Will we be able to teach these aspiring heads again that flowers are nature, that in this time that flies by so quickly it is even more important to bring a piece of nature home, whether it be in the form of a potted plant that will fill us with energy, beautify the space, cleaned, refreshed and beautified it? We can place a simple decoration made of prepared flowers, which otherwise does not have any important function,
but it can brighten up a boring apartment and conjure up a kind of soul caressing feeling when someone says: "oh, how beautifully decorated you are".

You could also know that a bouquet of flowers saves many seconds
stress, deepens a relationship, eases many irritations and bridges many an argument. During the holidays, a bouquet of flowers is even more important because it "speaks"! Yes, I mean "speak"! It tells how much we mean to someone, how special we are, how much they love us. Let's give it a kiss, love, hug and more...

It is true that every fresh bouquet withers. In this, many of us who were bored found a convenient excuse: "tolk d'narja for a couple of days" and forgot about all the positives during these few days. What is not worth enough to outweigh the cost? So, let's all think for a bit, we can go into nature and gather some twigs to put in
a vase of water and we watch how life develops from them, as each bud develops into a leaf, a bud into a flower. At the same time, we can think about our life, transience and meaning. But when the twigs have done their work in the vase, they can simply be stuck somewhere in the ground and they will continue their life cycle there.

Flowers and plants are important companions in our lives and it is time to realize this. Maybe from now on they will help to save or ease a stressful moment for many. But if there are more of them, the cost of going to a psychologist or getting anti-depressants.

So little, but so important!