Planning a wedding day during corona

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    dan najlepših sanj
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    OCT 26, 2021

"Post-corona time"... will it ever come, maybe it's just an intermediate stop before a new outbreak - the already well-known Corona horror?

Probably no one knows the answer to that these days. They are all just guesses and predictions based on past time and the behavior of this careless virus that has turned all of our lives upside down.

However, every day the seconds, minutes, hours, and days pass in the same way, which turn into years, and so on into decades. Knowing all this, we must arrange our lives so that our days pass as unspoiled as possible, without major consequences for our future.

Planning weddings for the last two years seems like the biggest drama! In addition to almighty trials and challenges, the young couple, in all its mighty light, faces the path of Velekorona and related problems: how many people to invite, how to take care of protection, where to find a place that could provide everything necessary (distance, etc.),... the problems are really alarming.

In the past years, many preferred to give in to helplessness and simply postpone this most beautiful and most important event of life, maybe even give it up. Others, on the other hand, defied everything, ignored the rule a little and somehow found a middle way so that they could crown their double.

How about today? When everything seems to be slowly calming down? When it starts to be said that we are "already green"? Then they start announcing the enormous increase in infected people again and we're back at the beginning!

When should you choose the first appointment so that "everything goes through"?

Although next summer seems to be more favorable to wedding couples, uncertainty remains. We don't know what will happen next month, let alone what will happen six months from now.

However, through my experience in this field, let me ensure that we co-creators of wedding stories face similar questions. We have all become more confident, thus open to possible adjustments.

That's why I suggest to everyone who wants to spend your Vaja Day in 2022, not to worry, you just have to be a little more flexible and let yourself go. If it turns out right before now that your day won't happen and you don't want to spend it in a different format, I believe that all the creators will understand this and postpone your date. As for the invitees, it is just as common practice that they too wait for the right moment and know that the date of Your day can be postponed to a later time. They will surely understand.

But if we can look at the situation from another angle: all this anticipation and excitement can add an additional flavor of the long-awaited to your wedding day, just like all things that are hard to earn and choose.

Therefore, keep your head up, jump hand in hand into a joint adventure that you will tell your children about for a long time.

We all come out of this together stronger, wiser, full of optimism and new expectations.